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Use a process infographic to make a complex idea seem simple!


Build a process infographic that takes a complicated idea, action, or thought and simplifies it so that anyone will understand the topic.

Design a creative solution to help people understand your complex ideas

Breaking down a complex process or idea can be a nightmare for some people. And using a text-heavy explanation can be confusing to read for many. But with a process infographic, you can use visuals to make even the most detailed process easy to understand.

Utilize icons, charts and mind maps to make concepts easier to follow, break down relationships or lead the reader in the right direction. With a process infographic your team, clients, and readers will know exactly what you are talking about.

Create an information-rich process infographic in 5 easy steps

  1. Join Venngage with one click... it's free to start for every user!
  2. Decide which of the many professionally designed process infographic templates you want to use.
  3. Copy the most important text, charts, and figures into your infographic.
  4. Make your infographic truly unique with our millions of icon, image, and font choices.
  5. Download your finished process infographic and share it with everyone!

Give your process a visually appealing makeover by:

Adding Informative Visuals

Show exactly how your process works with one of our many informational charts, pictograms, or graphs.

Keeping It Organized

Keep your content, thoughts and ideas organized with the right combination of color, fonts and icons

Selecting The Right Template

Some processes need a bit more explaining than the others, be sure to pick the right type of template.

Including Your Own Graphics

If your process is a bit too complicated you can always upload your own images, graphs or charts

Don't build from scratch, use one of our premade templates instead

Starting with a blank canvas can be very intimidating to some, especially if they have little design experience. So to combat that we have a collection of professionally designed process infographic templates just for you.

And unlike other process templates they are free, easy to edit and fully customizable. If you can dream it you can make it on Venngage. We guarantee.

Add icons & illustrations to help readers follow your infographic

Icons and illustrations are the backbone of any good infographic, and they are essential for a process infographic. They can be used to draw the eye and highlight important information in your process.

Plus a great icon can put the user at ease and makes the idea or process seem more accessible. And we have more icons in our collection than you could ever need, in styles to fit almost any situation.

Make complex processes seem simple

One of the hardest things is to explain a complicated idea or process to someone over the internet. In a very text heavy process explanation it is very easy for your team, reader or a client to get confused.

But with a process infographic, you can lay out the entire procedure in an easy to follow and visual way. You can use our icons, charts, and templates to make sure that everyone will understand immediately. And save yourself a few headaches down the line.

Work on your process infographic as a team

Sometimes it takes a village to create your process infographic and with Venngage you all can work on the same infographic. This is extremely helpful if your team has been assigned a school or work project. And it will guarantee you will not be the one stuck doing all the design work.

Download & share your informative infographic

Now that you have finished your beautiful process infographic you are ready to share it with the world. On Venngage that means you can either download it in stunning resolution or share it directly from the editor. And if you are not ready to share it with the whole internet you can privately share it with your team.


How do I sign up for Venngage?

Join Venngage by signing up with your email, a Google or Facebook account in seconds.

Why is a process infographic useful for my audience?

A process infographic makes complex ideas seem simple in a visually compelling way. An infographic pulls out the most important written information about your process and presents it in a easy to follow and interesting format.

Can I download my infographic?

Yes! You can also share your infographic right from Venngage with a few clicks with a free account. But to download it in PNG or PDF formats you need to join our premium plan.

Did not find a template you liked? Sign up to be alerted about all the new templates here!