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The Visual Communications Solution for Operations Teams

Communicate better with Venngage’s professionally designed and easy-to-edit templates to ensure that your processes are clear and understandable, and that you are setting yourself up for success and impact.

Design Template
Arun Raman

“I can’t imagine not using Venngage. It’s like asking how would you type up a document without a word processor? Venngage is unique in that it’s more capable than similar applications, but very easy to use compared to more sophisticated solutions. It’s in its own category.”

Arun Raman, Change and Learning Consultant at BaptistCare

Learn how Arun drastically improved technology adoption for care staff using Venngage Read the Full Case Study

Encourage team communications to flourish

Create informative and engaging graphics using our templates. Use visuals to simplify complex ideas, facilitate clearer and faster communication and foster dialogue among employees. Our easy-to-use design tool is geared towards those who want to create head-turning yet informative flyers, brochures, newsletters, and infographics without worrying about their design aspect.

Professional designs without a designer

Harness the power to produce custom-tailored, high-quality visual-based communications swiftly and at no cost. The need for a certain caliber of design in the professional field cannot be understated, and our vast library of premade, skillfully composed templates is sure to meet those needs, whatever they may be. Choose from a wide array of categories and pick according to operational requirements.

Communicate processes clearly

Strong visuals are a cornerstone of operational communications due to their brevity and simplicity, which helps eliminate any possibility of confusion. Create eye-catching ones using Venngage’s well-designed templates to properly communicate processes within your organization. Use clear and compelling graphics-based material which everyone can understand without fail.

Boil complex key ideas into digestible visualizations

Create equally appealing and digestible content that everyone in any company can understand by taking advantage of the power of data visualization. Turn convoluted batches of data into actionable points using infographics, schedules, maps, checklists, or even charts. Our infographic maker also allows for a more versatile presentation, granting more space for more information without sacrificing brevity nor accuracy.

Click to get started with one of our easy-to-use operations templates


What is operational communication?

Operational communication can be defined as the processes or policies enacted by a company to encourage the transmission of pertinent information between personnel or departments. Essentially, it occurs any time employees exchange ideas related to the business.

It is also a process in which ideas within a company are disseminated, improved upon or discussed openly. The aim is to garner actionable feedback from everyone to better reach the overarching business goal.

In what forms do operational communications come in?

Operational communications can come in two forms: written or oral. The former is partly more popular with more advanced settings, while the latter is better reserved for more casual conversations or for things that will be put into writing later on—as keeping a record is paramount to any business operation.

How does one communicate effectively in the workplace?

The main idea behind effective communication in the workplace lies in how accessible all channels within a given company are. Not only must information be free to flow from top to bottom as is tradition, but it also must not encounter resistance when moving across departments, between functions, and even differing teams.

Proper policies should also be erected for this endeavor. And while things like email or instant messaging make things easier and more personal, the way these tools are used should also be taken into account. For example, enacting policies that encourage the reduction of unnecessary meetings, or policies that don’t allow for excessive personal communications within work hours, are paramount to ensuring the workplace remains a well-oiled machine.

In addition, people naturally tend to take the path of least resistance, and so it stands to reason that effective business communications should do the same. Unnecessary complexity and irrelevance may bring in unwanted side-effects such as confusion and general disengagement, which will definitely impact business operations negatively. That said, one of the best ways to ensure communications are effective is to make them simple, short, and easy.

Find out what other professionals think about Venngage


“I discovered Venngage when I was in need of custom infographics. The editor is simple and very user friendly. Definitely the enormous amount of templates available to build on is helpful. My team has already used over 150+ designs in a short period of time.”


“For a non-designer that needs easy design solutions, this is the top product! It helps with easy customization options, branding toolkits, and great options for sharing designs. Easy interface, pretty intuitive design and user experience. Love features available and responsiveness of customer service.”

Venngage for Operations Teams

Create informative process infographics

See more process infographics

Adopting new processes in the work place, or updating and documenting existing processes can be a steep learning curve. Help your teams adopt processes easily by providing visual guides complete with diverse icons and professional stock photography with Venngage.

Get started with these process infographics:

Employee expense Employee equipment Next capital campaign

Create thorough checklists

See more checklists

Feel confident in your operations by creating beautiful but thorough checklists to make sure nobody ever skips a step. Use icons, colors, and stock photography to ensure even the most visual of learners can stay on plan.

Get started with these checklists:

Addie Green checklist Leadership checklist

Create professional newsletters

See more newsletters

Keep the whole company up to date with your on-going operations by creating engaging newsletters. Use My Brand Kit to automatically apply your company brand colors, logos, and fonts to your newsletters.

Get started with these newsletters:

Harley corporation Office wellness Internal newsletter

Create helpful reports

See more reports

Reporting doesn’t have to be dull. With Venngage’s easy-to-edit templates and our drag-and-drop editor, anybody can create engaging and visual reports even without a designer. Upload your data files from Excel or in CSV format and create beautiful data visualizations easily.

Get started with these financial white papers:

Operation budget Quadrant evaluation 2021 annual report

Venngage Operations and Procedures Resources

Project Communication Management Plans

Set yourself up for operations success with Venngage’s in-depth guides, resources, and webinars to create engaging, professional, and beautiful visuals. Why not get started with some of our most useful communication and visuals resources:

Project Communication Management Plans

Check out our top resources for operation teams:

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Flowchart 21+ Flowchart Examples to Organize Projects and Improve Processes

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Diagram How to Diagram a Business Process [Process Diagramming Templates]

We all know that visuals like diagrams and flowcharts are the best way to simplify and communicate complex information like decision flows. But what should you consider when mapping a business process? What types of diagrams are best suited to what types of processes? This guide will teach you everything you need to know.

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