[Free Course] Infographics Masterclass

Daily at 3:00 PM [EST] Hosted by Eugene Woo | CEO, Venngage

Join Venngage’s CEO, Eugene Woo, where he’ll be sharing his secret sauce and easy-to-follow process for creating infographics that are memorable, impactful and easily digestible. 

Each Masterclass can only accept 100 attendees. Reserve your spot now so you won’t miss out. 

Unlock the Power of Infographics in 60 Minutes

Learn how to effectively visualize complex ideas and data by turning them into easily-digestible visual stories

Engage your audience by bringing boring information to life with infographics that are eye-catching and memorable

Make a lasting impact on your audience and achieve your communication goals by using visuals effectively 

Master the Art of Infographics

There are steps you can take right away to be an effective visual communicator

It could take years to master the art of infographics without practical guidance, but this Masterclass was designed to change that.

Sign up for this free Masterclass where Eugene will share the proven techniques that he uses at Venngage to communicate complex information and inspire action among his employees. He will share specific strategies for choosing the right type of infographics, data-driven principles that will make your message stick in your audience’s minds and easy-to-follow steps you can take right away to achieve your communication goals. 

About Eugene Woo

Eugene is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for design, data visualization and software development. When he's not spending quality time with his children, swimming or making coffee, you can find him inspiring others to become better communicators with the power of infographics.

Attend this Masterclass to get in touch and ask any questions you may have.

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