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The Simple Design Solution for Healthcare Communications

Communicate effectively to your patients and staff to promote modern health practices using Venngage’s professional healthcare templates and tools.

Design Template
Arun Raman

“In my opinion, infographics are underutilised in workplace training materials and we could be using them much more to explain complex information in a very simple way, especially in the technology space.”

Arun Raman, Change and Learning Consultant at BaptistCare

Learn how Arun drastically improved technology adoption for care staff using Venngage Read the Full Case Study

Clear & effective healthcare communications

Effective communication in healthcare is critical for patient care and staff alignment. Venngage’s library of easy-to-edit healthcare templates and charts help every healthcare professional communicate complex information easily and effectively. Present new healthcare processes, new treatments, or new medications using professional, engaging healthcare infographics without any design experience.

Improve patient communication in healthcare settings

Provide your patients with the right resources to navigate their patient journey. Design brochures on different treatments, process guides for next steps, or explain complex medical information with Venngage’s professional healthcare templates. Medical communications agencies can be costly and inaccessible for everyday needs but Venngage’s professionally designed templates and easy drag and drop editor is just a click away.

Professional healthcare reports for data-driven decisions

Ditch boring spreadsheets that are hard to understand. With Venngage’s report templates and versatile chart widgets, you can easily create engaging healthcare reports that your staff want to look at. Improve how you communicate healthcare data, help staff make informed decisions, improve processes and ultimately provide better care for patients.

Professional, branded assets for training, presentations and more

Present a clear and recognizable brand amongst patients and staff as a healthcare organization. Build and inspire trust and present a cohesive, professional level of communication. Whether you’re creating training modules, presenting research findings, or reporting on new data, unified branding adds a layer of professionalism to your work.

Click to get started with one of our easy-to-use templates


What is Healthcare Communications?

Healthcare communications is the focus on strategies used to promote health information within care and community settings. Healthcare communications can be focused on patients and supporting their journey throughout the healthcare system, for members of the community to practice healthy habits, or for staff and training them on new processes, treatments and more. Effective communication in healthcare plays a key role in the provision of quality care for patients. Healthcare Infographics, newsletters, flyers, posters, and reports are all effective types of communication in healthcare.

What is patient communication in healthcare?

Patient communication is a key part of providing comprehensive, quality healthcare to individuals. Creating helpful reference materials, like infographics, diagrams, and charts, helps to ease the decision-making process for patients and empower them. Every healthcare professional is responsible for communicating effectively, building trust, providing information that is clear, and supporting their patients’ positive healthcare practices.

Why is communication important in healthcare?

Effective communication in healthcare significantly improves how patients experience their conditions, how well they recover, and how they maintain their health after stays within a hospital setting. A healthcare professional and patient need to have a shared understanding about what is best for the patient. Without the right tools and resources to support their education, the complex processes involved with treatment and recovery can be overwhelming for the average patient.

What do medical communications agencies do?

Medical communications agencies help healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations educate their target audiences on the risks and benefits of new medications, therapies, procedures and health habits, backed up by credible data. They also help with branding and marketing efforts, helping organizations promote specific messaging through multiple channels. They will provide insight on how to deliver messages and also create engaging, visual collateral that helps communicate that messaging effectively. Medical Communications Agencies can be expensive to hire, but Venngage provides professionally made templates for non-designers.

Find out what executives think about Venngage


“I discovered Venngage when I was in need of custom infographics. The editor is simple and very user friendly. Definitely the enormous amount of templates available to build on is helpful. My team has already used over 150+ designs in a short period of time. The branding kit is also a fantastic addition - my company color palette is one click away -this allows for my team to use templates and brand them with our company colors to create continuity and consistency throughout all our designs the design process.”


“For a non-designer that needs easy design solutions, this is the top product! It helps with easy customization options, branding toolkits, and great options for sharing designs. Easy interface, pretty intuitive design and user experience. Love features available and responsiveness of customer service.”

Venngage for Healthcare Communications

Create effective healthcare materials

See More Healthcare Templates

Effective healthcare communications can save and enrich people’s lives. Using Venngage’s healthcare templates helps you communicate crucial information in ways people can understand it. Inform and educate the community, support your patients and improve interprofessional communications healthcare settings.

Get started with these healthcare templates:

Healthcare Consultations Health around the globe Development plan

Create insightful healthcare reports

See More Reports

Measure, report and influence the data that truly matters. Inform executive decisions with insightful healthcare reports on the success of training, new processes, introduction of new procedures, use of new medicines and more. Create reports on a monthly, quarterly or even yearly basis.

Get started with these reports:

Annual report Green healthcare Orange annual report

Create healthcare presentation decks

See More Presentations

Healthcare presentations can be engaging, insightful and informative - with the right visuals and design. Venngage’s healthcare presentation templates are professional, sleek and creative. Our editor is also packed with a ton of illustrations, stock photos, and chart widgets to help make your expertise and insights truly stand out.

Get started with these presentations:

Nursing care plan Clinic for women Sugar free society

Create healthcare infographics for training and education

See More Templates

Engage and educate your community, your patients and your staff with professional healthcare infographics. Help others understand complex processes, changes to existing processes, and other aspects of the healthcare journey in ways that are memorable and easy to grasp. Venngage has thousands of infographics for training designed by professional graphic designers.

Get started with these templates:

Telemedicine Planning process PPE

Venngage Healthcare Communications Resources

Executive Communication

Venngage healthcare communications resources include a range of easily customized templates, a simple editor for making your changes, and robust features that save you time and costs! Create informative and helpful healthcare infographics, posters, diagrams and reports that empower your patients, support their health journey, and keep your staff well-trained and up-to-date.

Executive Communication

Check out our top resources for healthcare teams:

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Healthcare Data Visualizing Healthcare Data With Infographics to Save Lives

Understanding large healthcare datasets is crucial to making the right changes to healthcare administration, healthcare processes, healthcare communications and other areas to save lives. Visualizing data effectively makes valuable information stand out so that healthcare professionals can make informed decisions for their patients.

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Patient Education Effective Patient Education Strategies and How Using Visuals Helps Change Patient Behavior

When patients are well-informed and educated on how their behaviours impact their health, they are far more likely to make the right decisions. Visuals are key to providing patients with the educational healthcare they need to adopt new habits and stay healthy.

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Covid vaccination Vaccine Education: How to Responsibly Inform About COVID-19 Vaccination

Dispel confusion and misinformation with engaging, memorable healthcare communications around the COVID-19 vaccination. In this era of skepticism and a lack of trust in institutions, simple and visual communications are critical to influencing public health choices. Find helpful templates that you can customize today, to craft your messaging for your community.

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