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The Simple Design Platform for Executive Professionals

Create better infographics to attract customers, grow your business, and transform dry reports and dull data sets into exciting executive leadership communication.

Design Template
Dr. Amanda Sterk

“Because Venngage provides templates for every imaginable business category and use case, I used it to transform my marketing materials, social media output, and even an online magazine. Whether I needed visuals saved as png for social media, a pdf for a presentation, or any other file type, Venngage facilitated it with a few clicks.”

Dr. Amanda Sterk , Founder of College UnMazed

Learn how Dr. Amanda Sterk turned stuffy content into beautiful infographics and saved $100k. Read the Full Case Study

Unify your brand communications

Hate when your document guidelines don’t align? Make sure you create professional comms with unified and cohesive branding across all your internal and external communications with Venngage.

Improve alignment within your team

Ensure that all your team is aligned by using Venngage’s Real Time Collaboration to edit documents, access files, and apply branding seamlessly. Build your custom team account and receive priority support and exclusive features.

Build meaningful relationships with stakeholders

Your business is exciting but your spreadsheets aren’t. Present your big wins to stakeholders creatively with customizable, branded reports and presentations. Add charts, infographics, map, and more to break down complex information into attention grabbing visuals.

Simplify internal team processes

Nurture your team by presenting a clear directive for employees about your company’s mission and values. Crush your goals by visualizing your step-by-step processes and chart your journey to success beautifully.

Click to get started with one of our easy-to-use templates


What is executive communication?

Executive communication is the flow of information exchanged by managers to communicate goals, expectations, responsibilities or strategies in the workplace.

Types of executive communication can vary, from internal processes reporting and brainstorming, to external communication strategies like pitch deck presentations, while keeping brand guidelines in mind.

Venngage’s professional designs make you look good, organize complex information clearly and engage teams and clients about your company objectives. While everyone else is using Powerpoint and Word you’ll be spearheading your industry and dominating your competition with a click of a button.

What are some executive communication examples?

Some effective executive communication examples are project management and business strategy brainstorming. With our business reports, visual data charts, and compelling presentations, you’re able to relay project results and keep internal comms consistent. For external comms, effective executive communication involves letterheads, diagrams, flowcharts, checklists to present strategies and key results.

Why is executive communication important?

Executive communication is important because it’s critical to have an organized and well-researched plan for a project as well as space to visualize it, in order to hit your company goals in mind. Venngage helps you do the pre-work with our professionally designed and easy-to-edit templates to set you up for skyrocketing success.

Aligning your team members on strategies can be confusing, especially online, and a lot of crucial details can be misinterpreted. Venngage bridges the gap between misaligned communications with Real Time Collaboration and helps your team understand the exact message you are trying to convey. With our project management and executive business communication templates, you’re able to set clear actionable goals and monitor their processes to ensure there aren’t any blockers.

How do executives use graphic design for their client-facing business strategy?

Executives use Venngage’s professional pre-designed templates to easily populate information, input brand colours and fonts with our My Brand Kit feature, and present world-changing ideas to customers that they will remember.

Your brand visuals speak for themselves, so make sure that you’re giving them pride of place in all of your executive communications. Make sure you represent your brand well by bringing credibility through consistent, clear, and engaging visuals. Present compelling, concise, and data-driven information to stakeholders with Venngage’s business strategy templates.

No design experience is needed to quickly customize our professionally designed templates. Venngage is made for non-designers so you don’t have to spend money on a dedicated design department and or build in months of design lead time for your deliverables. With Venngage, your executive communication visuals are taken care of so you can spend your time where it really matters.

Find out what executives think about Venngage


“To my surprise and delight, your online support was immediate. Another feature I really like is the vast array of options, across all your templates and icons etc. But even more than this is, I like your labeling system. It makes my searching so easy. The ability to turn on and off various features, such as the `grid is great. I can see whether my text is lined up before I print. This saves me time and money. I also enjoy the fact that I can take your template, but still make it my own. This flexibility again saves me time, but still allows me to personalize my product as required. I find your whole suite of features so intuitive to use. A big thumbs up from me so far. Bravo Venngage.”


“All of our advertising is made through Venngage. Venngage is a great product- we've used Venngage instead of hiring a graphic organizer, and I like the control I have over my visual products. When I pressed for more diversity of skin tones, they reached out to me directly to share progress and they did make big changes. They are responsive and their graphics are great.”

Venngage for Executive Communication

Create effective business plans

See More Plans

Creating effective business plans can be difficult for even the most robust of executive teams. Pulling a plan together in a spreadsheet can easily lead to confusion rather than inspiration. Using captivating executive level communication visuals, like road maps, charts, and data visualizations, can help your team be inspired and more effective. With Venngage communicating with senior leaders, executives and stakeholders is made easy with templates for strategy alignment.

Get started with these business plans:

Pricing Model template Presentations template Non charity template

Create powerful business visuals

See More Visuals

From campaign images and graphic design for advertising, to newsletters, flyers, and more. Venngage is the graphic design solution for creating powerful and professional business visuals. Choose from our stock library of thousands of photos and icons for free, or easily customize one of our professionally designed templates.

Get started with these business infographics:

Vortex template Infographic template Customer journey template

Create compelling business reports

See More Reports

Just because your leadership team is small it doesn’t mean your company vision has to be. Easily create professional annual reports, revenue projections, competitor analysis, profit and loss reports and more executive communication visuals with Venngage. Say goodbye to dull spreadsheets full of dry data, and bring your findings to life with beautiful data visualizations. Import data directly from Google Sheets or as a CSV and quickly create charts that will impress even the toughest of stakeholders.

Get started with these business reports:

Monthly business report template Finacial report template Annual report template

Create executive communication workflows

See More Workflows

Keep everyone on your team in the loop about project objectives, hypotheses, and process stages with project management workflows and business strategy brainstorming. Edit, comment and present team executive communication training designs with Real Time Collaboration. Customize pre-designed templates by adding your text, photos and branding. All of our templates have been created by our in-house expert designers and come with access to our library of diverse icons.

Get started with these executive communication workflows:

Design thinking template Communication template Guide template

Venngage Executive Communication Resources

Executive Communication

Set yourself up for business success with Venngage’s in depth guides, resources, and webinars to create engaging, professional, and beautiful visuals. Why not get started with some of our most useful executive communication resources:

Executive Communication

Check out our top resources for executive teams:

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