Practical Design Guides for Non-Designers 

Learn all about graphic design and visual communication from this collection of eBooks. Each guide contains tips, best practices and template bundles that you can start using today. 

The Authoritative Guide to Designing Infographics

This book is the perfect guide for beginners and experts alike on designing engaging infographics and data visuals. It is a wealth of insights, resources and practical tips for design and visual communication. The book is available exclusively to Venngage users and for purchase online at $29 USD. 

4 Step Content Marketing Framework

Marketing leader, Nadya Khoja, introduces the 4-Step Content Marketing framework that has helped Venngage grow its organic traffic many times over. This guide is perfect for small teams who need to execute and drive results quickly.

The Team Alignment Handbook

Keeping your team aligned and productive is never easy. So how do the best and brightest do it, day in, day out? The Team Alignment Handbook is a collection of trade secrets from leaders at major tech companies, along with templates and checklists to help you and your team. This eBook was done in partnership with the folks over at Growth Marketing Conference! 

The Ultimate Guide to Webinar Visuals

For impactful, memorable webinars, design is key. You don't need to be a design expert, to create an impressive webinar presentation. This guide, in partnership with GoToWebinar, shares practical tips and tricks to designing strong visuals for your webinar.

Everything You Need to Repurpose Content Visually

This ultimate marketing resource bundle includes EVERYTHING you need to turn existing content into attention-grabbing visuals. You'll learn how to take one piece of content and repurpose it into multiple stunning visuals for blogs, social media, presentations, and more.

How to Build an Effective Brand Style Guide

We teamed up with HubSpot to explain how to define your visual brand & voice, pick your brand colors, fonts & style, create a brand style guide from scratch and a whole lot more.

How to Create Epic Social Media Visuals

Rapid team growth shouldn't come at the cost of effective onboarding. Learn Venngage's onboarding process, built on research, testing, and hiring over 40 candidates within a few months. 

46 Expert Tips for Creating Addictive Content

This comprehensive ebook contains in-depth and exclusive tips from some of the content marketing and SEO experts in the industry. Written by Nadya Khoja, this eBook features insights from the likes of Oli Gardner, Cassandra Jowett, Ann Smarty, Larry Kim and others! 

How to Create Infographic Icons in 60 Seconds

Inside this 28-page ebook we'll give you quick and actionable tips for creating professional-looking icons. Download it now and start using icons to enhance your infographics today.

How to Design Facebook Images that Get More Clicks

This 27-Page guide will tell you everything you need to know about creating visuals on Facebook that get you more clicks.

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