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Make decisions easier with a comparison infographic


Show off the most important parts of your business, product, or idea with a comparison infographic.

Detailed comparison infographics can make hard decisions that much easier

One of the easiest ways you can list the pros and cons is with a comparison infographic. These type of infographics are great for comparing products, price points, and businesses efficiently. Readers can quickly move through all of the important points and directly compare them in seconds.

Visually comparing two things makes it so much easier for a reader to follow and make better-informed decisions. Plus icons, graphs, and charts can add more context to the comparison.

Create a detailed comparison infographic in 5 easy steps:

  1. Join the Venngage team, it's free!
  2. Select the best infographic template for your information.
  3. Fill your comparison infographic with your information, charts and images to make a good case.
  4. Use our collection of icons, images, and fonts to personalize your infographic.
  5. Share your infographic by downloading it or sharing directly on social media!

Create a visually appealing comparison infographic by:

Using bold colors

Contrasting colors can help your readers move quickly and understand a comparison infographic.

Adding thematic icons

Icons can visualize concepts in one simple graphic.

Including beautiful images

Professional quality images can help your infographics stand out.

Keeping it brief

A comparison infographic should really only have the most pertinent info about your topic.

Select one of our professionally designed templates

Not everyone can be a world-class designer. But with Venngage, you don't need to have any design experience to create an interesting comparison infographic. Our templates have been created just for you by our team of professional designers.

The groundwork has already been done for you with our templates. You don't have to worry about spacing, picking the right colors or pairing fonts correctly. That means that you can start creating your beautiful comparison infographic in seconds

Help your readers understand almost anything more clearly

It can be hard to compare and contrast information when it's just laid out to you in text format. Often, it's easy to miss information.

But a comparison infographic organizes and simplifies the information. You can place the points directly side by side to make it easier to assess information. Visuals like icons, charts, and images can give readers a more rounded understanding of your points.

Comparison infographics are perfect for sending in an email, including in reports, and sharing on your site to make a case for your business or point of view.

Give people a quick introduction to your topic or idea

People are busy, they do not want to read a huge article comparing two similar things. Instead, they want to know the most important aspects of a product, service or idea in a few seconds. They are usually about to make a decision but would like to know a little more about each thing.

Whether it be a taco recipe or a taco restaurant, you can compare all of them in a few sentences with a comparison infographic. And if they want to learn more, they can read the full article, website or blog post.

Easily share, print or embed a comparison infographic

A comparison infographic can be printed, shared or embedded across the internet. This makes it extremely versatile for content creators, marketers, educators - anyone who needs to compare information. So what are you waiting for?

Download and share your infographic design with everyone

Once you finish the design process, it's time to share your masterpiece with the world. You can either share your infographic directly from Venngage with just a single click, or download it to your computer as a PNG or PDF. Plus, with Venngage's Business plan, you can easily share and collaborate on your design privately with your team.


How do I sign up for Venngage?

All you need to sign up for Venngage is an email, Gmail or Facebook account.

Why should I use a comparison infographic?

One of the best ways to compare two things is with a well designed comparison infographic. You can show off all of the pros and cons of each thing in a visually appealing way, to help readers make well informed decisions.

Can I download my infographic?

Yes! You can download it as a PNG or PDF. You also can share on social media right from Venngage with a few clicks.

Didn't find a template you liked? Sign up to be alerted to all the new templates here!